Prof. Dr. Kurt Kerbl

Professor of Urology - Medical officer of health - Legally certified and court-sworn expert for Urology

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Monday  08.30-13.30
Tuesday  15.00-18.00
Wednesday  14-00-18.30
Thursday  08.30-12.30
Friday  08.30-12.00
All insurances accepted
Steiermärkerstrasse 30
A-4560 Kirchdorf 
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Tel: +43-7582 60099 
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Place of Birth: Kirchdorf/Kr., Austria
Citizenship: Austrian    
Pre-Medical Education: Gymnasium Kirchdorf, Austria, 1977- with outstanding
Medical Education: University of Innsbruck, Austria (1983)

Postdoctoral Training:
1984 Mandatory Austrian Army Service as a physician at the Innsbruck Army Hospital
1985-1988 Training in Family Practice at the Wels Medical Center, Wels, Austria
1988-1991 Training in Urology at the Wels Medical Center, Wels, and at the Department of Urology
at the University of Innsbruck, Austria
Oct 1991 - July 1993 Fellow at Washington University, Division of Urologic Surgery, St. Louis, U.S.A.
Sept 1993 - June 1999 Staff member, Wels Medical Center, Department of Urology, Wels, Austria
Aug 1999 - fall of 2000 sabbatical at Division of Urology, Washington Univ. School of Med. St. Louis, U.S.A.
Feb 2001-present private practice in Kirchdorf/Kr., Austria

Austria, O 7264
accredited for the U.S. through the Examination for Foreign Medical Graduates
(ECFMG 393-093-0; valid indefinitely)
Missouri License MD 102324 (exp. 1993)

June 1994 passed final hearings for academic degree and appointment of Associate Professor of Urology at Medical School of Vienna, Austria

January 2004 received title of "Full Professor" with the University of Vienna, Austria, by the President of the Republic of Austria and the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna. 

December 2013 awarded the professional honorary title of "medical officer of health" by the President of the Republic of Austria and subsequently presented with the certificate by the Governor of Upper Austria on May 12, 2014.

Educational Courses:
Faculty Member: Frontiers in Endourology, Washington University, June, 1992.
Faculty Member: Laparoscopy Course, 10th World Congress on Endourology and ESWL, Singapore, September, 1992.
Faculty Member: AUA Course Advanced Laparoscopy, March 20-21, 1993, Houston.
Faculty Member: Laparoscopy Course, Austrian Society of Urology, KH Lainz, April 9, 1994, Vienna.
Faculty Member: Laparoscopy Course, European Surgical Institute, October 10-12, 1994, Hamburg.
Faculty Member: V Eurotraining Course on Renal and Ureteral Endosurgery, November 13-16, 1994, Loano.
Faculty Member: Laparoscopy Course, European Surgical Institute, June 11-12, 1995, Hamburg.
Faculty Member: American Urology Delegation to China and Mongolia, March 16-31, 1996.
Faculty Member and Chairman: 1st Mens´ Health Day for the Kremstal, November 16, 2002, Kirchdorf, Austria.
Chairman: 2nd Mens´ Health Day for the Kremstal, October 25, Micheldorf, Austria.

Editorial Activities:
Reviewer for the Journal of Endourology
Reviewer for Urology
Co-Editor of Techniques in Urology (1994-2002)

Research interests:
Development of new procedures and techniques in Endourology and Minimally Invasive Surgery

Cited Reference Author (Science Citation Index): 1497 (as of September 2014)

Co-Investigator: FDA study (first clinical trials in North America) for approval of the LT02
lithotripter (EDAP, France)
Locum tenens consultant urologist (by invitation), August 10 - September 7, 1996,
King Faisal Hospital and Research Center, Ryadh, Saudi Arabia.
Appointment as Sworn Court Expert in Urology (Austria, March 2002)
Chairman of Educational and Continuing Medical Education of District of Kremstal, Upper Austria, Austria.
Public Health Award of State of Upper Austria for Project Mens´Health Day (Austria, April 2003). Founder and Moderator of Quality Circle of Urology (Austria, January 2010 to present)
Management training:
Management seminar for leading positions, April 1-4, 1994, Zürich, Switzerland
Communication skills for top management, November 18-19, 1994, Traunkirchen, Austria
25th Post Graduate Management Course, September 9-17, and October 14-21, 1995, University of Vienna, College of Business.
Appearances on Radio and TV: Radio interviews regarding the topic erectile dysfunction, April 21, 1998, 2.30-3.00 p.m., Radio OÖ and April 3, 2003, 11:00-12:00 p.m., Radio Froh, and male health issues, November 6, 2003, 11:00-12:00 p.m., Radio Froh.
Educational TV presentations: July 2002 (Prostate cancer), August 2002 (Male contribution to birth control), October 2002 (Blood in urine), February 2003 (Female urologic diseases), April 2003 (Erectile dysfunction), January 2007 (Urological diseases and prevention).